LineAngel | The Top 5 Longest Lines Ever
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The Top 5 Longest Lines Ever

How long are you willing to wait for something? For some, it can be days or even weeks. Read on for the top 5 longest lines ever.


  1. The Playstation 3 – When Sony released their new console in 2006, they made it clear that they did not have enough consoles for everyone. As a result, the lines that ensued were crazy. Gamers across the United States wait for over three days for a chance to purchase the new console.
  2. The iPhone – When Apple releases a new product it will without a doubt draws a crowd, but when Apple releases a new iPhone, all hell breaks loose. When Apple released the iPhone 5S in 2013, Apple fans came out in droves to queue up for weeks for the brand new, shiny device. At their flagship store in NYC, over 1,400 fans showed up with their wallets ready to fork over their hard earned cash to Apple.
  3. Franklin BBQ – Known for their tender brisket and long lines, you’ll need to show up at around 7 AM in the morning to get in by noon for lunch. Recently banning line sitters, Franklin BBQ requires all it’s customers to wait regardless of if they’re famous of not, except maybe if your President Barack Obama, they made an exception for him.
  4. Comic Con – The annual event held in San Diego draws comic and pop culture fans in from around the globe. Tens of thousands fans brave the infamous lines for a highly contested seat in Hall H. For many fans it’s a right of passage to wait in line for the coveted seat, so if you up to the challenge grab your sleeping bag and a pillow and prepare yourself for a multi-day wait with lines exceeding over a mile long.
  5. Star Wars – Any story about lines would be incomplete without a mention of the lines for Star Wars. With the release of Star Wars the Force Awakens, more than 150 fans braved the unseasonable poor weather in Los Angeles to wait 12 days for tickets at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.


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