LineAngel | How To Find Someone To Wait In Line For You
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How To Find Someone To Wait In Line For You

If you have ever waited in a long line for product release, concert, celebrity meet and greet, or a sale you know exactly how frustrating it can be. Traditionally, the go to place to find a person to wait for you in line was Craigslist. The gig submission process is often hit or miss, and you end up needing to deal with brokering a deal with multiple random people. Worst of all you’ll need to need to pay the person cash, which is often sketchy and awkward to do while trying to swap out someone in line. Another alternative is to use TaskRabbit to find a line sitter, while this works TaskRabbit does not allow to you request someone the same day or even hours before the start of the event.

Enter LineAngel. The LineAngel app allows you to find and hire someone to wait for you in line in real-time. It works just like Uber or Lyft and connects you instantly with a trained and professional line sitter to wait for whatever you want. All the payments are handled electronically and secure through Stripe, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of paying in cash. Also, all communications are handled in the app so you don’t have to give out your phone number to a stranger off Craigslist.

If you’re looking for someone to wait for you in line, look no further than LineAngel. Click here to hire a line sitter.