LineAngel | About Us
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Why we’re here

LineAngel is an on-demand line sitting app, enabling influencers, doers and go-getters to make the most of their time. Founded in Los Angeles in 2015, by two friends from the University of Southern California, LineAngel offers you the chance to take opportunities and participate in memorable experiences by eliminating dreaded and long waiting times. As cities continue to grow, and with more than half the world’s population now living in metropolitan areas, the challenges to everyday urban life–from transportation to employment and infrastructure—are ever-increasing. Through its innovative technology, LineAngel aims to improve city living, allowing people to solve problems and live better, in real time.

CUSTOMER COMMITMENT: We believe in enhancing the customer experience by providing an efficient, trustworthy service that promotes autonomy.

COMMUNITY COMMITMENT: We believe in improving the urban economy through the creation of convenient, flexible and above-average-wage job opportunities that do not require a car–an anomaly here in LA. We strive to be an eco-friendly service, curbing energy use by decreasing commutes.

PHILANTHROPIC COMMITMENT: We believe in supporting local, Los Angeles area nonprofits through unique partnerships and collaborations.

Who We Are

J’Net Nguyen

J’Net Nguyen isn’t here to waste your time. In fact, she’s here to save it.

She earned her Masters in communication management from the University of Southern California. J’Net has a background in the action sports and entertainment industries lending in-house marketing expertise to Hurley, VANS and Agenda Show. As a former agency Project Manager specializing in experiential campaigns, her clients include FOX, HBO and Columbia Pictures.

She learned the value of time at an early age: Her friends often say her youth was a modern-day Almost Famous. A teen music journalist, who attended more than a 1000 concert, she recalls fans trying to pay her to cut in line while others simply left the event frustrated. Their impatience was J’Net’s ‘Aha!’ moment. Years later--LineAngel - originally a grad school fictitious marketing plan, developed into a real business.

A passionate home interior DIY-er and fashion enthusiast, she spends her valuable time at Abbot Kinney or Melrose, thrifting for vintage goods. J’Net resides in Hollywood as she prefers streets lined with palm trees, believing, “Better a square foot of Los Angeles than all the rest of the world.”

Chris Eckman

Chris Eckman knows how to triple—then quadruple and quintuple—a threat.

He’s proudly earned his stripes in the fields of business, entrepreneurship and craft-beer snobbery from the University of Southern California.

A leader and innovator, Chris runs on passion. He’s a combat-decorated Army Officer and will do anything to make the impossible possible.

Chris sees the box you’re trying to put him in. Thinking outside of it, he wants you to join him for one (or two) of his home-brewed beers, some live music, and an engaging conversation about the last book he couldn’t put down.